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Hiren's Boot USB 11.0 (2010)
5 October 2010

Hiren's Boot USB 11.0 (2010)
Hiren's Boot USB 11.0 (2010) | 402 MB
Genre: SYSTEM Tools

Select your device.,,and format it with fat32 (you can select quick format if u want it fast).
1)go to usb format
2) go to grub 4 dos folder and open grubinst_gui
select your pendrive and click on dont search floppy..
then click install...and cmd windows will open..press enter...

3)then copy the grldr and menu.lst file from grub 4 dos folder to usb..

4) now copy hbcd folder to pendrive,,,and here u are done..

now you can use hiren boot cd feature by booting from pendrive.

and also now keep your ghost images in pendrive..and restore to c drive ....thats it...enjoy