The Sims 3 (decrapified) Store Items 6-09 to 8-11 & Miscellania (Full Rip/2009)

18 September 2011 Category: Games Posted By: saud_1

The Sims 3 (decrapified) Store Items 6-09 to 8-11 & Miscellania (Full Rip/2009)

The Sims 3 decrapified Store Items 6-09 to 8-11 & Miscellania Full Rip/2009

PC | 2009 | Developers : The Sims Studio | Publishers : Electronic Arts | 2.17 GB
Genre : Simulation

Someone we all owe an awful lot of gratitude to requested this. Sorry I didnt get it up sooner bud.. unforeseen circumstances.

This is a compilation of ALL the Sims 3 store items offered up from the games release June 09 to last month Aug 11 AKA updates 1 to 27. Now I know that there have been other torrents of this ilk put up here; but these are the individual item files in a decrapified .Sims3Pack format.. NOT seen here before. Please lets not get into a discussion of the merits of either .package vs. .Sims3Pack as there are advantages to each. To each his own.. and Im just giving my assessment as I see it.
.package files load into the game somewhat faster; usually compressed into each months items as a single file, they are all inclusive and you cant pick out individual items to install. Although they are a proprietary Maxis format, Maxis usually only reserves them for such things as towns and buildings.. to incorporate into the game. Depending on what version of the game you have 1.12 there are different methods of installing them although you can use the old method on a game version after 1.12. The old method stores the files in your game dir, the newer in your My Documents Sims folder. If you want all your weighty game content in your games dir maybe another HD as I do and dont want a lot of stuff taking up room in My Documents as in most cases on your C: drive youll want to use the old method. In both cases.. installing other files is involved and you somewhat need to modify the base game in order to have the game use them. They do NOT show up in your launcher and theres no way to list what you have installed other than searching them out in game. As one can see, install wise, they are simply convenient.

My personal preference is to use decrapified files. Decrapified files are the store items as procured directly from the Sims 3 Store. Decrapified means that they have been ran through a decrypter of sorts though. This allows anyone to install them into their own game.. using the Sims 3 launcher. The advantages of decrapified files is that each item is in a separate file furniture, clothing, patterns, etc. With these files each item can be picked and chosen separately and installed that way. Usually with an accompanying picture in the launcher and at least a name of what it is no descriptions there.. but in game, like package files as well. For instance.. dont care about the myriad of sims clothing, but want all the furniture? This is the route you want to go. You will always know what is installed via the launcher and you can delete OR disable individual items as well.

Installation is fairly easy. You simply drop all the individual files into your downloads dir in your The Sims 3 directory in My Documents Do NOT make sub dirs in there. When you start up the games launcher see illustration the game will see new Downloads content and prompt you to install them. From there you can pick and choose what you like. Yes.. it takes a while for them to install this way; but its a onetime thing. Afterwards.. you CAN remove the files from the Downloads folder if you like. The game reinstalls the items somewhere unbeknownst to me. You will always know whats installed.. and in 95 of the files Ive used.. have a picture in the launcher furniture sets and some branded items [i.e. the Fanta frig or Dr. Pepper items] show a crate icon but show up illustrated and with a description.. in game just like package files do.

Whats included ?
The store items are included in one large 7 zipped file. When extracted.. it will create individual dirs for each months worth of content, numbered in chronological order. As I said earlier.. do NOT drop them into your Downloads dir this way. Each item has to be put in separately.. but you can put in as many as you want.

You can choose to only download that file if you want.. as per bG upload rules.. everything has been compressed. I have ALSO added a few more miscellaneous files concerning The Sims 3 that I have garnered over time.. some hard to find.. or no longer available. There are some extra bonus items that were only available pre order by buying Dr. Pepper, T Mobile stuff, etc.. There are no fan created items except maybe the fireplaces.. not sure. There are Prima guides for the base game and two expansions all I could find. Various iterations of the censor patch. Fixes for a few of the wonky items like the Book o Spells, utilities including decrapifying tools, and the official.. latest beta of the Create A World tool see illustration below. There is the chittco EA generic keygen which generates non scene tagged keys for all expansions up to Ambitions. A sims 3 manual. There is also archived pages of 2 web sites with instructions on how to install .package files I keep both formats with pics AND the required files.. in .mht format open with Internet Explorer.

Lastly.. I HAVE included, for completeness sake.. this Septembers store items in .package format as that is all I have found so far. Quite honestly.. the number of hours I have spent playing around with the Sims can be counted on one hand.. literally. Ive tried converting package files to S3P ones.. but always fail on my PC. If someone can convert the Sep file to individual ones and post it.. that would be splendid.

Credit where credit is due..
I take NO credit for any of this.. just collecting it. The decrapified files would not be possible without the efforts of Rachel username: rachelsadmin on the demon; who has meticulously kept an ongoing compilation of BOTH package and S3P files every month since the games release Id bet 90 of these files posted anywhere.. come from her.. Other files and utilities as I said.. have been collected by me, here and there. They have been archived by me and compressed unless downloaded already that way.. hence the ZIPs and RARs as well and have not been altered in any way including included instructions and readmes. The only thing I did was save the web pages.




The Sims 3 (decrapified) Store Items 6-09 to 8-11 & Miscellania (Full Rip/2009) Speedy Download