Standard Deviants School - Trigonometry (2005)

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Standard Deviants School - Trigonometry (2005)
Standard Deviants School - Trigonometry (2005)
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The Twisted World of Trigonometry. The DVD Super Pack contains Modules 1 through 6. Co-written by Richard Semmler, Ph.D. of Northern Virginia Community College and Roger Howey, Ph.D. of Central Michigan University.

The Twisted World of Trigonometry. The DVD Super Pack contains Modules 1 through 6.

Programs Included in this Series:

Module 1: The Basics
The Standard Deviants serve-up all sorts of useful trig vocabulary. Get your fill of degree, radian measurements and a sampler platter of right triangle trigonometry.

Module 2: Trigonometry Functions
The Standard Deviants take you to the junction of all functions. Together, we'll learn about six trigonometry functions.

Module 3: Triangles
It's time to clean out your brain to make room for triangles! The Standard Deviants cover lots of material including: right triangles, oblique triangles, the law of sines and the law of cosines.

Module 4: Graphing Functions
The Standard Deviants get graphic. It's off to the world of x and y axes, origins and amplitude. Learn some helpful rules to make your trig gig much easier. The Standard Deviants even hook you up with some key trig formulas.

Module 5: Identities
Discover the amazing secrets behind identities! The Standard Deviants start with a quick look at some common trig graphs which can be lines, curves or even parts of a circle. Then they plow headfirst into identities and the formulas that you'll need to make them happen.

Module 6: Angle Formulas
It's time to angle yourself for some trig learning because the Standard Deviants are here to discuss angle formulas, identities and proofs. And no trig experience would be complete without examples, lots and lots of examples to help solidify your trig knowledge.

Standard Deviants School - Trigonometry (2005)

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