Microsoft Diagnostic and Recovery Toolset (MSDaRT) All In One v8.0 SP1

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Microsoft Diagnostic and Recovery Toolset (MSDaRT) All In One v8.0 SP1
Microsoft Diagnostic and Recovery Toolset (MSDaRT) All In One v8.0 SP1 | 1.05 Gb

The boot disk for repairing the Microsoft Diagnostic and Recovery Toolset (MSDaRT) All in one - allows users to boot the system from removable media, allowing the computer to run even in the case of total damage to existing files on the disk operating system, vital for its launch. Provides full access to NTFS-volumes, system registry settings and drivers. In sosteve DOS utilities are available for testing, diagnostics and servicing drives. Optimized to run a multi-boot flash drives.

Editing the registry: Utility Registry Editor ERD, accessible from the Tools menu MSDaRT, provides information about the registry, which can help in recovery.
Restoring access to the system: For a local user accounts and change the passwords you can use the wizard to change passwords.
Diagnosis of a system failure: In order to identify the causes of system failure and identify the driver that caused the failure, you can use the wizard failure analysis.
Recovering partitions and volumes: To restore partitions or volumes, you can use the application Disk Commander.
Recover deleted files: Utilities File Recovery can be used to find and recover deleted files from any supported file of Windows.
Cleaning disks or volumes: To clean the disks or volumes, you can use the Disk Cleanup utility.
Search for specific files: Utility allows you to restrict the search scope of the search by specifying the name, location search, the approximate size of the file or the file modification time.
Browse titles: Utility Explorer lets you browse the files and folders that are stored on different disks.
Perform administrative tasks of managing your computer: Computer Management utility provides recovery tools to perform these tasks.
Turn off hard disks or services that cause errors.
View event logs.
How to partition and format the hard drive.
Getting information about the autorun files.
To get information about your computer.
Configuring TCP / IP: Configuration Utility TCP / IP allows you to display and configure the TCP / IP.
Removing patches and service packs Windows: Using the patch removal can remove a Windows hotfix or service pack from the system, which can not be run.
Check and restore system files: System File Checker tool allows you to check and repair any damaged or missing system files.
The use of means of protection against malicious software: Standalone test to determine malware or other unwanted programs and provide warnings of potential danger.
Opportunities utilities:
Volkov Commander - a file manager that runs on Windows and MS-DOS.
Victoria - The program is designed for testing, diagnostics and servicing IDE and Serial ATA drives.
MHDD - this is the most popular freeware program for low-level HDD diagnostics.
HDAT2 - a program for testing and diagnostic disks. The main advantage over MHDD and Victoria: support for almost all disk drives ATA / ATAPI / SATA, SSD, SCSI, and USB.
VIVARD - is a powerful and easy-to-use tool for the diagnosis of HDD.
HDD Regenerator - a unique program that allows you to recover physically damaged hard disk drives.
SpinRite - A utility for testing, maintenance and repair data on your hard disk.
TestDisk - a program to recover lost partitions or restoring boot records on disks.
Active @ UNERASER - effective utility for DOS and Windows, restoring files in the systems FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS.
Active @ Partition Recovery - the program that restores the hard disk of the computer after a virus attack or any system failures.
Mbrwork - used to restore the partition table.
DiskPatch - is a professional data recovery utility that recovers data by restoring the damaged disk layout (partition table).
Hard Disk Sentinel-utility for monitoring and control of hard disk drives.
WDIdle - program to change the parking the heads on the hard drives.
DMDE - program for editing disk and data recovery.
Components MSDaRT:
Registry Editor is an editor registry system being recovered. If any of the branches of the registry is damaged, it
simply does not appear in the list. No other improvements over the standard editor of the set operating
system, Registry Editor does not.
Locksmith reassign passwords for local accounts.
Crash Analyzer - Analyzer dump files. Can be useful in cases when after "falling in blue screen" machine no longer
"Come alive". This utility will analyze the *. Dmp file to deal with code and then with the cause of the error.
File Restore allows you to restore deleted files, even those that were removed without going through the "basket".
Disk Commander - a tool that allows you to recover files from a disk problem, and restore the partition table and
rewrite the record MBR. Everything is made simple by using wizards.
Disk Wipe solves the opposite problem: deletes the information from the hard disk or volume, and can use the mode that is compatible
standard US DoD 5220.22-M.
Computer Management - a utility that performs a very necessary function of all the familiar snap-in Computer Management: access to
Time logs, settings, device drivers, services and sections of disk drives. Plus a number of additional
features: general information about the system and edit the startup applications and services. Just exactly what is lacking at times
d Standard Recovery Environment!
Explorer - a simple file manager. To solve the problems of recovery, however, its capacity is sufficient.
TCP-IP Config provides a network connection settings through the GUI.
Hotfix Uninstall is used in cases where there is a suspicion that the installation of the operating system upgrade led to
disruption of its work. In a word, you can remove the updates and service packs.
SFC or System File Repair Wizard allows you to analyze the integrity of the core operating system (Core Components)
and if necessary, restore their original copy.
File Search - a means to perform a simple search, and copy files.
Defender - a software product from the category of antimalware. Is essentially a Windows Defender and is designed to find and remove
malware, which often are the cause of the malfunction of the system. Defender has the ability to update their
the database through the Internet, which gives certain guarantees to the relevance of the tool.
Remote connection (Remote Connection) - enables remote DaRT tools for
end-user computer within the local network. Once loaded into the environment DaRT, you can configure and enable remote
connect to a PC using DaRT Remote Connection Viewer from the package MS DaRT 8.0, installed on your computer
Technical support specialist or system administrator
And finally, if you have difficulty in choosing a tool to begin recovery, the aid will come Solution Wizard - Wizard
a decision that will help to choose the appropriate utility problem.

The assembly includes:
ERD commander 5.0 for Windows XP ENG (x32)
ERD commander 6.0 for Windows Vista RUS (x32 - x64)
ERD commander 7.0 for Windows 7 RUS (x32 - x64)
ERD commander 8.0 SP1 for Windows 8 RUS (x32 - x64)
As part of a floppy image with DOS utilities:
- Volcov Commander 4.99.08 alfa
- Victoria 3.52
- MDD 4.6
- HDAT2 4.9.3
- VIVARD 0.4
- HDD Regenerator 2011
- SpinRite 6.0
- TestDisk 6.14
- Active @ Uneraser 5.0
- Active @ Password Changer 5.0 Rus
- Active @ Partition Recovery 3.0
- MBR Work 1.08
- DiskPatch 3.5.300
- HDD Sentinel 1.00.5
- WDIdle 1.05
- DMDE 2.4.4 Prof.Ed.
Optimized to run a multi-boot flash drives.
All files are located in the ERDC
Used loader BOOTMGR of Windows 8

Write to disk and flash:
~ General Information
Installing on a USB flash drive:
1.Zapuskaem WiNToBootic.exe
2.Vybiraem your USB flash drive
3.Vybiraem image - the image MSDaRT.iso
4.Stavim golochku on Quick Format
5.Zhmem Do it!
6.Vnimanie! All data on the USB drive deleted.
7.On all agree.
8.B finally gets the boot flash with MSDaRT on board
9.Perezagruzhaem computer BIOS to choose to boot from USB (USB_ZIP USB_HDD) Burn to disc:
1.Zapuskaem Iso-Burner.exe
2.Stavim minimum write speed. Burn a disc.
3.Perezagruzhaem computer BIOS to boot from CD.Ustanovka choose to multi-boot flash:
1.Otkryvaem image: MSDaRT.iso the UltraISO or 7Zip
2.Izvlekaem ERDC folder with the image in the root of the stick
3.In the configuration file menu.lst prescribes:
- Title MSDaRT ERD Commander All
- Map - unmap = 0:0 xff
- Map - unhook
- Root (hd0, 0)
- Chainloader / ERDC / bootmgr

What's new:
MSDaRT 8 SP1 (X32/X64) Language: RUSSIAN
Now Plop and dos utilities (hddarts) run with the disc
In the dos image added to the mouse driver
In the dos image added to the program Active @ Password Changer 5.0 Rus
In the dos image added Volcov Commander in Russian

System requirements:
DaRT 8.0 supports Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.
DaRT 7.0 supports Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.
DaRT 6.0 supports Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.
DaRT 5.0 supports Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003.

Microsoft Diagnostic and Recovery Toolset (MSDaRT) All In One v8.0 SP1 Speedy Download