New Headway English Video and Audio Course All Levels

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New Headway English Video and Audio Course All Levels

New Headway English Video and Audio Course All Levels
English | Oxford | Video + eBook + Audio | 6.45 GB

Headway Video, is English language teaching video series. It combines light-hearted drama within six units to provide rich and varied learning material. The language syllabus is based on the New Headway English Course.The video can therefore be used as an additional component to the New Headway English Course.


0 - New Headway - Beginner (Book + Audio)
1 - New Headway - Elementary (book + audio + video)
2 - New Headway - Pre-Intermediate (Book + audio + video)
3 - New Headway - Intermediate (Book + audio)
4 - New Headway - Upper-Intermediate (Book + Audio)
5 - New Headway - Advanced (Book + Audio)
6 - New Headway - American Headway (Book + Audio)

Key features:

# New Headway English Course now provides a seamless syllabus progression from Elementary to Upper-Intermediate level.
# It takes a clear and structured approach to grammar. Grammatical structures are introduced in context, with questions that encourage students to work out the rules for themselves. A comprehensive 'Grammar section' at the back of the Student's Books provides a useful reference before, during or after the lesson.
# A well-defined vocabulary syllabus concentrates on three key areas: learning new words in lexical sets; acquiring good habits for learning vocabulary; and developing vocabulary 'systems' such as sound and spelling relationships.
# Integrated skills work is an important feature of the course. In every unit the reading and listening activities contextualize and bring together much previously introduced language. The choice of interesting texts, together with manageable, motivating tasks ensure students develop fluency and accuracy in all four skills.
# Supportive Teacher's Books at each level include an explanation of the methodology, step-by-step lesson guidance, additional activities, photocopiable tests, cultural notes, and detailed answer keys.
# Workbooks at each level offer a range of exercises to revise and extend the grammar and vocabulary covered in the Student's Book, plus extra related input where appropriate.
# The New Headway Interactive Practice CD-ROMs, New Headway Pronunciation Course, Making Headway series, and Headway Videos provide high-quality integrated support and supplementary material at various levels.


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